Gain & Sustain :Europe

The association “gain&sustain:europe” was founded in 2009 in Graz, Austria. The organisation aims to support social, economic and ecological sustainability in Europe and developing countries all over the world.

We develop our services with heart and mind and are competent partners in funding consulting, project development and implementation as well as mediation and youth work. Our services are open to all people and offered in a networked context. In doing so, we value methodology and interdisciplinary thinking and acting. The active participation of representatives and partners from different stakeholder groups and perspectives enables a multidisciplinary approach and sustainable, win-win effective strategies for all involved.

In the centre of our activity stands the desegregation of politics, society and economy. We work with youngsters in global context and step into open dialogue and generate valuable common strategies for the present and the future. As our major task we see the interlinking and consultation of youngsters in connection with international, multicultural events and EU projects to promote a raise of awareness in the direction of tolerance, EU citizenship and cultural diversity with the generation of tomorrow. The main objective of the association is the interlinking of single organisations and individuals, above all youngsters, around subjects like sustainability and social entrepreneurship in order to give space to innovation & creativity and to allow a cultural exchange.

In CHEER YOU @P, Gain&Sustain is the leader organisation. The COVID19 pandemic and the upcoming financial crisis make it difficult for young women to find jobs. Initiating our own project was a good option instead of “waiting for the dream job”.We base our work on honesty, mutual responsibility and maximum access to information, as pillars of social and economic accountability to our partners, collaborators, donors, beneficiaries and to society in general.