Solidarity tracks

“MONOPATIA ALLILEGGIIS” or “Solidarity tracks”  is a non-profit social enterprise which was created in 2007, and which works on three main sectors: Educational mobility, European and international cooperation and local development in social, economic and environmental topics. “MONOPATIA ALLILEGGIIS” is focused on popular education that promotes knowledge, skills and attitudes, justice and equality in an intercultural society and in an interdependent world. Our approach is based on the pillars of education, our methods on non-formal education, active learning and learning by doing.

Our goals are to:

  • Put into practice and promote non-formal and interactive education methods enabling local citizens, especially
  • youngsters, to be resilient, to become responsible citizens, to adapt to changes, to identify and solve problems, to meet and respect other cultures and to build a peaceful and sustainable society.
  • Promote lifelong education where everything can be an opportunity to learn and develop talents.
  • Encourage educational mobility which is essential to develop key and professional skills and competences, empower, access to employment, and which affects the social life of young people from an early age and throughout life.
  • Promote transversality and horizontality in learning using this logic: The group is an asset for the individual and for the learning to be decompartmentalized. Everyone can learn from each other and each learning can be transferred to another area.


Linking what is good for you, for others and for the environment is into our approach what sustainable development is.

Our target audience:

We mainly work with and for youth as well as adults, including those with fewer opportunities, to develop their skills,

empowerment and active citizenship, and engage them to act in promoting local and sustainable development at social, cultural, economic and environmental levels.

We are also working to develop the professional skills of youth workers and young leaders in order to optimize their role and their interventions.

Our geographic dimension:

“Monopatia Allileggiis” is a laboratory: we think, we test, we invent with a constant in our work that is to:

  • Make innovations that are being developed in the 4 corners of Europe as well as in various countries of the world, accessible and useful at local level.
  • Create with European and non-European partners new responses to local needs, related to environment, inclusion, employment, seniors, youth, fight against dropping out of school, migrants and all themes connected to the European dimension and cultural dialogue. This through educational mobility, volunteering, professional internships and the creation of innovative educational tools.


Our main activities:

  • Implementation of a local social network of Lefkada Time bank solidarity:
  • Orange Web Radio: ORANGE R@DIONET (
  • Green o’clock online newsletter about sustainable development:
  • Quarterly educational magazine: magazine e youth patrimony
  • Environmental education workshops for children, youngsters & adults.
  • Activities and events on sustainable development for youngsters and families.
  • “Art for development” workshops to empower youngsters and adults with disabilities.
  • Management and implementation of a cultural café for residents of the elderly care center of Lefkas.
  • Management and administration of the “ platform for non-formal and interactive education of young people in social entrepreneurship.
  • Management and animation of abandoned public spaces in cooperation with the Town Hall and the Prefecture of
  • Lefkas:
  • Organization of the annual Green Lefkas gastronomy festival:
  • Management and administration of the “” platform for local, European and international volunteers.
  • Educational mobility (hosting & sending) and distance learning activities in favor of young people, adults and youth workers from different backgrounds and origins.
  • Exhibitions, open workshops, camps, professional internships, events related to our areas of intervention.
  • Creation of various non-formal learning tools for young people, adults and educators: https:/
  • Consulting: helping new structures to design, develop and implement European and international projects for youth.


We host every year more than 12 young national, European & international volunteers (including people with few opportunities) and more than 30 volunteers for short term and interns who help us to implement the above-mentioned activities.