Anastasia Nakonechnaya

What do you do as an artist?

As an artist, I mainly create graphic and oil paintings of the architecture of cities where I have been or which I would like to visit.

What main challenges did you encounter as an artist because of the Covid 19 pandemic?​

My main difficulty was that I could not meet with other artists to exchange experiences, thoughts and plans for future projects. The impossibility of participation and organization of exhibitions became a big problem as well.

What possible solutions did you find for those challenges?

I began to use my online network more actively.. I strengthened the network I already had and exlored some new ones online.

What did you do before Covid-19?

I can say for sure that before Covid there were many more creative events organized by private artists. These events helped me to get inspired and meet new people, artists and buyers. Now everything is slowly becoming like before, but I can’t say that it feels the same.

What did you do during Covid-19?

During the quarantine period, I was very productive and finished some paintings that I kept putting off, created a series of graphic and watercolor pictures with the classical architecture of St. Petersburg, where I spent the quarantine. I could say that isolation pushed me to create more.

What do you do now (after Covid-19)?

At the moment, I’m living in Spain and I have started to make prints of my artworks as well as experiment a lot with different techniques of visual expression.