If you want to record your show, concert, or a music video, then you might think of using one of these equipment’s.

You can use either professional equipment for audio, light and video or just use your phone or several phones to film the show or concert. In case you want to do only audio it is recommended to use an audio recorder. However, you can use your phone as well.

Possible equipment:

  • Music system (sound system, mixing console, microphones)
  • Ligthing system
  • Digital camera
  • Video camera
  • Mobile phone camera
  • Audio recorder
  • Computer for video editing

For accomplishing the tasks that you put in front yourself in most cases you would not need expensive equipment. Basically, you can do most of the tasks with your smartphone and standard personal computer or laptop, sometimes even with just one of it. Professional equipment (such as professional digital cameras, gimbal camera holder, specialized microphones or audio systems, lightning, faster computer…) is a benefit but, as we proved in one of our digitized events described in the manual, it is not necessity to make a quality product. Nevertheless, some applications need special equipment (such as digital 360° camera also described in the manual). Some of those equipment, if it is expensive, can be rented, or you can hire professionals to do the recording.