Advantages / Disadvantages regarding Exhibition on Banners with QR Codes


One of the advantages of exhibiting on banners in public spaces is that they are very accessible to a wide range of visitor groups. The exhibition can attract attention as people pass by and can, by chance, also reach people who would not have visited such an exhibition on their own (for more information check out the manual p. 29).  

Furthermore, the exhibition on banners can be held more easily since the event takes place outdoors (manual p. 29). 

Another big advantage of exhibition on banners is that the banners are easier to affix than the original images, and the risk of damage is low. Further-more, the banners are easy to reproduce and can be placed in several locations at the same time (manual p. 29). 


The disadvantages of exhibition on banners are undoubtedly the major effort and the high costs that arise from professional photography and printing on PVC tarpaulins (for more information check out the manual p. 29). 

Although the paintings are reproduced in very good quality on a banner, a photo still cannot convey the same impression as the original image (good lighting of the original images can emphasize details even better) (for more information check out the manual p. 29) 

Older or less technically inclined visitors may also find it difficult to access the additional information via QR code on the banners (for more information check out the manual p. 29).