Information About Royalties

Here You can find useful links about Royalties in the countries that have participated in project.

Austria - AKM

Behind every song are composers and lyricists who wrote the songs. When music is played on the radio or at public events, for example, or recorded on a CD, the music authors are entitled to fair payment under copyright law. AKM and austro mechana collect these royalties in trust and pass them on to the composers and songwriters. AKM and austro mechana represent the copyrights of more than 27,000 members (composers, music lyricists, music publishers) in Austria and - via reciprocal agreements with foreign sister societies - of more than million rights holders from all over the world.

Greece - Edem, Music Works Rightholders

The fees depend on the event’s size, whether it is live, streaming or broadcasting. The prices are listed on their website.

Serbia - Sokoj

Music royalties can be get at Sokoj. The amount of compensation is adapted to our economic circumstances in which we live. There is a certain tariff that is found on this site. They are harmonized with domestic legislation and European practice. A license is issued from the music authors and an appropriate fee is paid, which is later paid to the author according to the data on the broadcasted musical works. Sokoj is an organization of music authors of Serbia that has existed for 70 years. There is also a fund for cultural contributions in Sokoj, which directs part of the royalties to the improvement and promotion of the musical creativity of local authors. This encourages creativity and it is published at least once a year.

Slovenia - SAZAS

Obtaining a licence from IPF, k.o. enables you to meet all your legal obligations towards the IPF, k.o. holders of rights in protected works in a simple and efficient manner. Such license offers a legal access to world's greatest music and numerous genres (jazz, classical, pop, Oberkrainer, rock, etc.). Thus, you will continue to add value to your business and make a valuable impression - with your service accompanied by music.

Slovenia - IPF

SAZAS Society k.o. is a collective management organisation for the protection and promotion of musical authors' rights in Slovenia. SAZAS connects authors' creativeness with publics – music users, collects royalties for the public use of music within the territory of the Republic of Slovenia, distributes the collected royalties to authors or right holders and promotes authors creativeness in music. SAZAS works for the best benefit of all stakeholders: (1) composers, authors and right holders; (2) music users (3) society.