Advantages / Disadvantages Regarding Recording Live Concert, Event, Exhibition


Through live recording from different perspectives is that people watching the video have the feeling of subjective participation in the event. Recording with mobile phones from a first-person perspective is a good way to convey the mood of a live event and this considerably reduces the costs when compared to a professional camera team (for more information check out the manual p. 17).

Recording an event can last longer and reach a wider audience, especially people that are unable to come to a certain location because of pandemics etc. (manual p. 42, 49).

Nature exhibition for Passersby can reach a large audience in an urban setting by bringing them a piece of virtual nature (manual p. 63). Through the exhibition people are encouraged to visit nature more often and to be present and aware of visual and aural particularities in a natural environment (manual p. 63)


Recording live concert misses the social component. Even though the recording form is from a first-person perspective. The atmosphere can never be fully captured digitally (for more information check out the manual p. 17).

In case different people film with different mobile phones the qualities can be different. Because of this in the post-production getting the desired results can be difficult (for more information check out the manual p. 17).

One major con is that digital music/literature contributions is missing the ambience, the atmosphere and the social exchange compared to live performances (for more information check out the manual p. 11, 17, 23).

When you record an event, you need to have some technical skills and basic knowledge of video editing. Keep in mind that if the choice is the DIY method, one must be aware of background noise, light conditions, viewing angles, choice of de- vice(s) for recording with enough free memory space If not the price of hiring professionals to produce digital content is rather high (manual p. 42, 49).

Nature exhibition for Passersby does have a possible downside, which is that a piece of nature is brought directly to the public and a certain segment of people will be satisfied enough by that and will not be encouraged to visit nature in person (manual p. 63)