Share your Story

In order to enhance the visibility and potential impact of the intellectual output 3 and other project outcomes on cultural and creative industries, artists, and the non-formal education sector, we devised a special format called “Share your story: young artist’s resilience built through the pandemic.” This format was then published on relevant platforms and forums, including SALTO YOUTH Toolbox, Digi Youth, and Europe goes Local.

We opted for these platforms instead of Europeana Dataspace because managing all the necessary metadata required by the obligatory European Data Model (EDM) for content upload to Europeana proved unfeasible. For the youth sector, these selected platforms play a crucial role in facilitating peer-to-peer sharing and learning, with extensive reach and networks across Europe and beyond. To ensure accessibility, “Share your story” was translated into English, German, Italian, French, Portuguese, Spanish, Slovenian, Serbian, and Greek.

As a result, Gain&Sustain:europe created a presentation that connects the community to the Train2Sustain platform, fostering mutual value and appreciation.

“Share your story” serves a dual purpose: on one hand, it highlights the project results, and on the other hand, it summarizes some of these outcomes in a compelling narrative, aiming to pique the curiosity of readers towards the project.