Getting Paid For Artwork - Worldwide

Here You can find useful links to find out how to be paid for your artwork, independent of your location.

List of ways to make money online:

  • You can set up up a GoFundMe (fundraising platform where you present your situation and people all over the world can decide to support you)
  • You can sell merch (you design t-shirts or mugs or notebooks with motive that represents you and people buy it as a way to support you)
  • You can reach out to different companies for sponsorships
  • You can do life streams on Twitch where people chat with you and donate money 
  • You can set up a Patreon account, where people can support your art in a very safe and simple way
  • You can charge a monthly fee, on youtube for your channel members and give them additional content and special treatment in return
  • You can offer one on one chat for certain amount of money, where someone can ask you about and discuss your art
  • You can do shout outs (people pay you money to mention their name on your Instagram or youtube channel)
  • You can offer lessons or courses for money
  • You can stream art content and give access to those who pay for it
  • You can set up an online shop where you sell your art
  • You can check what are the options for financing in your country and apply for it

Through Patreon you can share your art with your community and get paid for it. Patreon is a place for Creators to build your membership, offer exclusive access to your work and special content, and create a connection with your community.

Online Shop can be one of the ways how to get paid.
You can find how we did it by combining virtual exhibition with an online shop (manual page 32)