Andreja Benedejčič

The inspiring young artist from Slovenia, Andreja Benedejčič has always felt the urge to be creative and the need to express herself through art. So after finishing high school, the logical step was to continue her education in some art program. She chose the Academy of visual arts in Ljubljana, where she successfully graduated.

Her way of art expression is visual: drawing, painting, and digital design. She also creates exclusive home decor, like rugs, etc. As a highly creative individual who can’t confine herself to just one field or technique, she loves to explore new ways of artistic expression. Right now she is passionate about multimedia art and experimental film.

For her, the pandemic meant fewer opportunities to work because she usually relies on personal contact a lot. On the other hand, it gave her time to really work on projects that she never found the time for before the quarantine.

If you want to know more about how she coped with the challenges the pandemic posed, listen to the interview in the video below!