Arlo Zaria

Arlo Zaria is a young artist from Slovenia. She has a beautiful singing voice, as well as great guitar playing skills and very personal, deep, poetry-like lyrics. Let me point out that she leads the whole production of each song: she writes the lyrics, composes music, and performs it. As an artist, she defines herself a “Corona Baby” and consequently uncovers quite a unique point of view on the topic. Quarantine finally gave her the time and freedom to focus on creating and exploring herself as an artist. Although she belongs to the young generation that grew up with the Internet and is well aware of the digital sphere of life, her aim is not internet fame. She strives to make high-quality and impactful art, something she can be proud of, regardless of monetary value and clout.

Learn more about Arlo Zaria and her view on working as a young artist during the pandemic in the video!