digital art gallery – see the big picture

A digital version of the exhibition was created for the international art project “See the Big Picture”. “See the Big Picture” was initiated by Desmond Doyle in cooperation with the cultural non-profit club Art Mine, located on the Styrian Iron Road. Artists from all over the world can contribute a work of art to continue this ongoing series comprising one continuous painting. The painting was started by two Guatemalan artists (Abraham Batzin and Edy Sarat), who were in Vordernberg at the time as “artists in residence” via Art Mine, and created the first two paintings in the series. Since then, the club has set itself the goal of contacting artists from all countries of the world in order to include at least one picture from every country in the world in the “Big Picture” series. So far, the collection of pictures has grown to over 50 and includes countries such as Guatemala, Austria, Liberia, Russia, Australia, Slovenia, Ireland and many more.

The project invites professional as well as emerging artists to share their view of the world, capturing the current state of our society. In the future, the “Big Picture” will also travel to other countries in Europe and the world. To make the international art project available to a wider number of visitors and to increase the visibility of the project, the paintings were added to a virtual exhibition space (see images below).

The virtual exhibition space is particularly suitable for the project because “the big picture” is constantly being expanded and new pictures are added. Visitors to the exhibition can view the individual pictures in large format and access information about the individual artworks and artists.