Dimitra Kondylatou

What do you do as an artist?

I work with video-making, editing, writing and hosting webspaces. I am interested in the limits of art and its entanglements with tourism and everyday life, therefore I visually explore gestures, practices and correspondences within contexts and spaces of hospitality and exchange.

What main challenges did you encounter as an artist because of the Covid 19 pandemic?​

As an art teacher, I found it difficult to teach primary school kids art via anyonline platform. The other challenge was that we lost physical dimension due to not being able to organise real-life exhibitions. Learning how to organise them online was another major challenge!

What possible solutions did you find for those challenges?

The Covid pandemic did not really influencehow artists work, but rather revealed the problems and complexities of our working conditions. One solution we found was to work together and form groups in order to demand and claim our working rights and better working conditions.

What did you do during Covid-19?

I was working as an art teacher, teaching primary school kids art via online platform as well as teaching older kids art, art history and etc. Besides this, I was also creating my art works.

What do you do now (after Covid-19)?

After Covid-19 I still work as an art teacher, as well as joined Kyklàda.press as a team member and managing editor. As of now, I participate and present my works in festivals, exhibitions, conferences and publications.