Hannah Ida

What main challenges did you encounter as an artist because of the Covid 19 pandemic?​

That I couldn’t play any concerts. I was scared that event agencies and organizers would forget about me, so I focused much more on my social media presence. Sometimes I would post a short video, letting people know what I was doing. Or I would post pictures on Instagram saying, I’m working on this and that, so that people knew I was being active.

What possible solutions did you find for those challenges?

In the beginning I played some online concerts. I think that was quite popular at the time and it gave me the opportunity to continue publishing my work. I stopped that though, because it felt very strange to play without an audience and not really getting any feedback from the crowd.

What did you do before Covid-19?

When I first started making music, I was still in high school. I had a lot of concerts booked for 2020 and it was really looking great for me as an artist, but then everything was canceled, and suddenly, I didn’t know how to continue as an artist.

What did you do during Covid-19?

During the lockdowns I worked on my stage presence and on my stage program a lot. I used to be quite a shy performer. The time at home gave me a great opportunity to write a new set and to prepare myself in the best way possible for future concerts.

What do you do now (after Covid-19)?

I’ve just recently finished a new song that I’ve been working on for quite a long time. It’s the first song that I recorded on my own. For me that was an interesting process. I think I’ve created something that is authentic to myself and my music, and I’m really excited to show it to others soon.