Ivana Sailovic

What main challenges did you encounter as an artist because of the Covid 19 pandemic?​

I did get my fair share of struggles being on my own from one moment to the next and then having to really accept a reality check. I didn’t know that much about what I was doing, I always had a professor and an assistant behind me. So I guess, being on my own, kind of made me realize that I need to learn more to “make it on my own”.

What possible solution did you find for those challenges? How did digital solutions help you, and how did you find out about digital solutions?

Surprisingly, I didn’t go much towards digital art, but I actually went “backwards” more and focues on traditions. I started knitting and applying methods of artistic expression through my hands rather than just go for digital art.

Let's talk about art creation. What was different during the COVID-19 pandemic?

You have a lot more time that you can invest into your work, which is great! But at the same time, sometimes, I tended to overwork and was afraid to burn out.

Did the pandemic somehow affect your creative processes and artistic work?

I got the chance to get to know myself and what I prioritize in art and life. I reflected what I wanted to show to other people.

What do you do now?

I’m doing my master’s degree. I do active sculpting, as well as clay, terracotta art.

What about networking with other people? Has the pandemic affected your networks?

After the troubles of lockdowns, I have become more social and more patient with people, so I think the pandemic actually worked in my favour in this regard. I also had the chance to get in contact with a lot of different people online.

How have art institutions like theaters, galleries, concert halls, museums etc. changed because of the COVID-19 pandemic?

There were precautionary measures, which made art processes hard at times. However, we had a couple of exhibitions after COVID, and people were just extremely excited that we are back in regular life.

Do you think the pandemic made art more “digital” in general? If yes, how? If no, why not?

The pandemic itself did bring a lot of people closer to art, but digital art in its nature is going to keep advancing, and it’s going to be more common than traditional art like sculpting or painting. Artists from the younger generations are really good at digital art creation, and they are really fast at adopting and adapting to digital arts. I think, that’s part of a natural process of art development.

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