Margo Sarkisova

What main challenges did you encounter as an artist because of the Covid 19 pandemic?​
When the pandemic started, I lost the opportunity to work in my studio back then, because all transport in my city (Kharkiv, UA) didn’t work because of the pandemic. The pandemic also negatively affected people’s decision to invest and buy my artworks.I lost few sales in the beginning of it.
What possible solution did you find for those challenges?

I started to work from home and built myself an improvised studio at my rented apartment with my ex-partner. We tried to go outside and walk near the river for our mental health and for new inspiration and ideas.

How did digital solutions help you? How did you find out about them?

Social media was a great help in this process of adaptation to a new reality of physical isolation. It helped to share emotions and feelings through it and also I was able to continue my psychological therapy sessions through online meetings.

What did you learn from Covid 19 as far as your creative work is concerned?

I started to appreciate connections with people more. I missed visiting exhibition openings and meeting the like-minded people there without a mask.

How was your life as an artist different before Covid-19?

Before the pandemic for me personally we had more freedom and possibilities to unite people in one place to do something and spend time together. I also felt the change when travelling it felt like there were fewer visible and invisible “borders” when I wanted to go anywhere.

What did you artistically do during Covid-19? Did the pandemic affect your work and creative processes?

I think yes, because this isolation gave me -and others I assume the feeling of crisis. This kind of crisis helps us move and develop in different areas of life. The crisis forced me to find creative , out-of-the-box solutions for my upcoming exhibition.

What do you do now (after Covid-19)? How has your creative work changed?

My creative process has completely changed not only because of Covid 19, but primarily because of the full scale war that started in my home county, Ukraine. I was forced to become a refugee in Austria because it.

Which online and digital forms of art and publicity did you choose? Why?

I primarily work with Instagram as my main social medium, because I think it helps to stay close to people and transfer everyday life and art process of an artist to users all around the globe.

Do you think the pandemic made art more “digital” in general? If yes, how? If no, why not?

No, I don’t think so. In my opinion people started to appreciate physical meetings even more. They value exhibition openings and witnessing art in person more.