Multiplier Event - Serbia

The presentation of the Erasmus+ project called “Train2Sustain” took place in the Hall of the National Museum of Zrenjanin on Friday, April 28th 2023. This is the Museum’s first participation in an Erasmus+ project, collaborating with partner organizations: “Art Mine” (Austria), “Gain&Sustain: Europe” (Austria), “Zveza Mink Tolmin” (Slovenia), and “Solidarity tracks” (Greece).

The project was introduced to a large audience by key staff and associated partners:

• Jelena Gvozdenac Martinov, the project manager and a senior restorer, bringing value with her background as a painter.

• Gordana Dukić, the financial associate for project management.

• Librarians and art organizers Vlada Tot and Tanja Graovac from City Public Library “Žarko Zrenjanin.”

In the presence of guests from partner organizations, these key staff presented the main outcomes and outputs of Train2Sustain. The Erasmus+ project “Train2Sustain” encompassed several outcomes and educational activities during its 24-month duration, from 2021 to 2023.

The main focus of the Multiplier Event was on the usability and transferability of the content created for the website On this freely available page, all information about the partner organizations and the project’s results can be accessed. The table of contents for the Final Event included:

• What is Train2Sustain?

• Which and whose needs does T2S meet?

• How did the pandemic affect young people in arts and culture? • The Interactive Online Questionnaire

• The Case Studies

• The Digitalized Events

• What can T2S do for YOU?

The event had 43 participants from the project’s main target groups, including members of the local society with an interest in youth work and art, artists, local youth, and cultural workers.

The Serbian hosts strategically planned for wide dissemination and impact, ensuring the project’s presentation on the websites and social networks of the National Museum of Zrenjanin and the associated partner (local library). Cultural institutions in the city and the region of Zrenjanin also shared the event, and local and regional TV stations and press were invited to cover it. TV reports can be found here:;