Multiplier Event - Slovenia

In order to cover a larger part of Slovenia and raise awareness about Train2Sustain, the consortium decided to expand the original idea of a multiplier event for Slovenia. Nova Gorica, the Capital of Culture in 2025, was chosen to present Train2Sustain, creating cross-border visibility with Italy. Additionally, the project was presented in Tolmin, the home town of project partner Sveza Mink Tolmin. Organizing the event in two locations ensured wider reach and attention.

The Multiplier Event took place in Xcenter, a space that fosters creativity and innovation across different fields. Two presentations of Train2Sustain were made, targeting cultural workers, young artists, youth workers, and art organizations. We invited artists who worked with us during the pandemic to share their experiences and explore new possibilities in the digital world of culture.

During the event, we also hosted an exhibition by Martina Testen and Simon Šerc, showcasing their audio-visual installation ‘Biodukt.’ This internationally noticed project motivated the audience to pursue their dreams. After the official presentation of Train2Sustain’s outputs and outcomes, networking opportunities were utilized to discuss audience development and engaging new generations in cultural work using digital tools.

We invited young people interested in the artistic field, their mentors/teachers, and representatives from the European capital of culture, GO25!, as possible future employers. The aim was to introduce them to Train2Sustain and offer assistance to aspiring young artists. The second part of the event focused on youth workers in the rural area of Tolmin, highlighting how digitalization can combat social exclusion.

We demonstrated how project results could be integrated into youth work and provided materials as upskilling tools for digitalization and creativity in the digital world.