Multiplier Event - Trofaiach

What better way to share the knowledge and best practices than by informing the key stakeholders and cooperating with other organisations!  

On 17th April Art Mine invited CCI, policy makers, artists, youth workers, art clubs, performance groups and many others to out multiplier event. Under the title “Netwerktreffen der Jugend- und Kulturarbeiter*innen” twenty-five people got together to learn about the outputs and outcomes of Train2Sustain. We presented the outcomes of our non-representative survey about young creatives’ approach to the troubles of Covid 19. We showed the Manual and explained how easily and efficiently it can be used to support young artists and people in CCI in finding their approach to digital artwork. The interactive questionnaire was tested and we received a lot of valuable input from the stakeholders and target groups at the event. 

Moreover, two major players in the field of culture and youth work presented their stance on creative industries in the future. Michaele Zingerle from the “IG Kultur Steiermark” presented the importance of Fair Pay and how important it is to invest into young people and artists who will one day take over the existing cultural and youth infrastructure. The local youth worker Nicole Hüttenbrenner, who is also part of the local women’s network “Iron Women”, outlined how youth work has to be organised and planned in order to reach your target audience and keep in touch with the young people of the day. 

The second part of the session focused on discussing and evaluating the outputs of Train2Sustain and the underlying questions that this project wants to answer: How can young people be successful in the world of art and culture? Where can digital approaches to culture and youth work be beneficial? Which limits are there? 

In in all, it was a fantastic evening, full of sharing knowledge, networking and discussion!