“Piska” Metal – Sculpture Making

A video tutorial shows the process of “Piska’s” creation. “Piska” is a metal sculpture of a turtle, measuring 2.80×3.60 metres, weighing 450-500kg, and was created and installed by a young sculptor with the help of local volunteers. The sculpture was placed on the beach of Agios Ioannis at the Blue Flag with the following objectives regarding this creation:

  1. to sensitize the local citizens and visitors to take care of the turtles that visit the beach to lay their eggs during the fertilization period.
  2. to use the sculpture as a waste bin for recyclable waste and keep the beach of Agios Ioannis clean.
  3. to raise awareness so that citizens, especially children and young people, preserve eco-diversity through artistic structures.


With this video tutorial we wanted to inspire people to take similar action in their communities. The duration of this initiative is approximately 6 years and Solidarity Tracks will take care of the maintenance of the sculpture.

A creative aspect of this event is that with a simple modification the sculpture can be transformed to be used as a trash can for recycling objects, or art/artworks can be added and secured using the sculpture as a carapace (shell of a turtle).

Showing the process via a video is much safer and easier when it comes to this type of artwork. Also, it can reach broader audiences than doing it in real time. For example, the work was done mainly by one artist because of the spatial restrictions and safety issues (it is not safe to be around a welding machine without a safety shield). Next time, the video tutorial could be made in a more informative way. For instance, with the artist explaining everything in detail and showing how to use a welding machine.