René Mitrovic

What main challenges did you encounter as an artist because of the Covid 19 pandemic?

My main challenge as a previously traditional artist was buying my mediums, stationary and online tools and then moving to digital art.

What possible solutions did you find for those challenges?

Because shops were closed, I used any scrap of paper I could find and old pens to replace my dryed-out markers. I invested in digital art creation tools…both time and money.

What did you do before Covid-19?

Finding pens, paper and markers for my art used to be significantly easier than it was during Covid-19. I also used to get regular feedback from my friends and do lots of art-trades that have unfortunately come to a stop during the lockdowns.

What did you do during Covid-19?

Networking is an important factor for people working in the creative sector. How did the pandemic affect your way of networking and meeting new people?

What do you do now (after Covid-19)?

I’ve actually managed to expand my networking quite a lot due to the pandemic. I’ve met more like-minded people and friends online which I used to trade art with on a daily basis, which helped me reach a bigger following, meet new people and gain more motivation for my works of art. By being able to stay at home and draw daily, talk to people and post, I got to make a name for myself on the internet.

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